We currently support these organisations and companies.

Chancen eG

Chancen eG enables equal opportunities and income-independent education financing via the solidarity model of the reverse generational contract. Students receive financing of their education expenses and pay back a percentage of their income after they graduate. This means they avoid the risk of being overindebted later on.


Cleverly is an innovative online tutoring and mentoring service. It helps children and young people to achieve their full potential. The main focus is on preparing them for life. Cleverly pursues a holistic approach to learning: tutors support the development of subject specialist knowledge, while mentors help with their personal development.


Kreatives Unternehmertum is an organisation that deals with forward-looking entrepreneurship at the interface between people, the market and society.
Within the framework of non-profit educational formats, research projects and scholarship programmes, people and companies are inspired and accompanied in the unfolding of holistic entrepreneurship.


MentorMe is the largest and fastest growing mentoring community for women in German-speaking countries. With 1:1 mentoring and more than 220 annual events and trainings, MentorMe supports women to orientate, develop and position themselves professionally. MentorMe has a special focus on structurally disadvantaged women, such as mothers, women of colour, job seekers, women with disabilities and refugees.


Nidisi provides women in Nepal with access to affordable, biodegradable menstrual products, is committed to women’s rights and raises awareness of menstrual health management. As such, women can live without discrimination and social exclusion and are empowered to live their lives in independence, self-determination and with freedom of choice.


Due to teacher illness and in-service training alone, approximately 1 million lessons are cancelled each week at German schools or are substituted by external teachers. OVS provides schools with complete, curriculum-compliant, digital lessons. The online lessons can be used whenever a subject teacher is absent at short notice or planned, or when lessons cannot take place as usual due to school closures. OVS covers the entire physics curriculum (grades 5-10), with other STEM subjects to follow shortly.


Uncap offers innovative, automated and impartial financing for start-up companies in Africa. Company founders and entrepreneurs gain access to funds regardless of their gender, educational background or location, so they can bring their innovative business ideas to fruition and create jobs.

WASH United

Wash United is engaged in education specifically with regard to menstrual hygiene and human rights to water supplies and sanitation. In addition to organising the global Menstrual Hygiene Day, Wash United focuses on developing and distributing low-cost, scalable solutions for menstrual hygiene education in Africa and South Asia.

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